Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to safe your Pc or laptop from Virus

Save Our Pc or Laptop from virous.

We Pc & Laptop user always in anxiety or in  threat attacking virus, missing or loss urgent doc or file, in spite of antivirus. Computer virus and infected through  Pendrive, disk, memory  card or internet using  etc,

To the best way, to protect this virus, we normally use  updated antivirus. Different cause we can’t updated antivirus. But I think  if we alert we can easily relief from this. On what source virus come, if we stop that road virus not come. Fast we stop autorun, because virus active up when the pc or Laptop run, then with helping autorun it effected. Normally virus come from external device, such as pendrive, memory card etc. 

Run the Windows operating system to close the Start \ Run-gpedit.msc then click OK to go. A new window will appear. Select from the computer configuration. The Administrative Templates \ System-go. Now click Turn off Autoplay-two. Then 'Turn off Autoplay' to be enabled and the 'Turn off autoplay on' box 'All drives' to be selected     OK, so  stop Autorun on all types of  external equipment. So virus can not attack.
Tranfering external drives transfer data from a computer virus can attack. Also  there are some software, to not to attack while transferring data. The virus is spread in a large part of the file. Exe file extension is. So if the source is known and accepted. exe file on your computer, it's a good extension.


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